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Living Laudato Si 

At Home

By Alice Carwardine

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About the program and Overturn the Tables

In 2018, I underwent an ecological conversion during Lent. At that time, I changed 40 things in my life to go zero-waste. 40 things turned into 100, and the words of Laudato Si consumed my life. It now informs how I think, how I behave, how I buy, and the choices that I make. It was the most challenging thing I had ever done. Lent has not ended for me. I have made some sacrifices, but I have gained so much. I am not just zero-waste. I shop fair trade, I eat a plant-rich diet, I buy package-free, I use solar electricity at home, I conserve water and I am an amateur gardener. I also donate to places that support those in poverty and the disadvantaged as I have done for many years.


The objective of this guide is to help individuals and families on their ecological conversion journey. There are 7 parts to this guide. I would recommend taking the guide with you over 7 weeks. But you may feel you need longer at different stages, so do not feel that you have a 7-week deadline. Each part may take more than an hour to complete, and it is a good idea to set aside the time for this reflection. Also, in some places, some tasks may take longer. For example, in Part 1, I recommend some literature to immerse yourself in, and this might take a few hours or a few days to work through. If you are not ready to move to the next part, you can stay with the one you are on for as long as you need it.

In each part there are:

- prayers 

- excerpts and notes about Laudato Si 

- activities

- information about virtues and sins 

- goals and actions to be taken

We can only do this through small, manageable steps. The ecological crisis is often overwhelming and we don't know where to start. Tackling the ecological crisis is not something we can do in one night. Having a prayerful way of discerning the appropriate course of action can help us draw nearer to the Creator.

A good friend of mine Libby Blom and her husband Paul, my wonderful SOR teacher, mentor, and friend have gone on an ecological journey with their family inspired by Laudato Si. My sincere thanks go to the Blom's and their guidance, their support, and their love. Every day I aspire to be as wonderful and faith-filled as they are. This document is inspired by them and how they have educated their 5 beautiful children.

I also need to give thanks to my wonderful husband James. "I thought you were going through a phase"…

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How It Works

Read or Watch

Read or watch the reflection on the chapter and the focus virtues and sins.

Take Your Time

Take 7 weeks, 7 months or 7 years! Take this purely at the pace that you need.

Complete Activities

Complete the activities including setting goals, taking action and reflecting

Book a session

Information included on how to book a consultation

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